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Is operative my account?

The best way to check if your account is operational is to access the user area. If you can access, everything is correct. If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it from the login page.

When will I start to receive emails?

From the moment that you activated your account, and launch a campaign whose segmentation suits your data can receive advertising.

How many emails will I get?

The number of emails received depends on several factors. Essence of their geographical location, sex, age. The number of emails sent fits to the profiles defined by our publicitantes. Not all users are sent the same number of e-mail.

How I can check my stats: points, money earned, referral ...?

You always know the amount of money you've accumulated, and the number of referrals you have in each level, and how many promotional messages that have received , both you and each level of referrals. To do this go to the user area.

How will I get paid?

If you live in Spanish territory, payment is made ​​by bank transfer or Payza when you exceed 5,000 (€ 5) of earnings. Apply a management fee of 0.99 € for all payment via Payza, and transfer payments less than 10 €
If your home country is not Spain, you can charge through Payza when your balance exceeds 10,000 (10 €), and apply a management fee of 0.99 €.
By the time that your account exceeds the minimum amount to request payment, you will have in your user area instructions for requesting payment.
Only one payment request per month.

When will I get paid?

You decide when you get paid. You can request payment of your accumulated money at any time, provided you complete the minimum payment (see above). From the moment you request your payment, to a maximum of 30 days will be paid.

What is the tax treatment of income?

ClickXti pay to you as prize concept, so apply the provisions of the Spanish legislation for cash prizes. If you live in Spain, a retention of 21% of your commissions, which we will enter your name in the Tax Office (Hacienda) when the receipt amount exceeds 300 euros, otherwise, we will pay the full amount of receipt, and not will have to declare it. If you live in another country, you will pay the full amount of the receipt, and you will have obligations check your local laws.

I can register in ClickXti from anywhere in the world?

ClickXti is designed for Spanish-speaking people living anywhere in the world, although the majority of shipments are oriented to the Spanish public.

What happens if I go on vacation?

If you will be a long period (more than a week) without being able to confirm the messages, you can put your account on 'vacation'. Thus, we do not send messages, and you can forget your clickxti account , by the time you determine, up to 4 weeks. You can configure it in the personal data section of your private area.

How and when I can cancel my account?

You can unsubscribe from our service at any time. To do this go to your private area, and follow the instructions on 'Cancel my Account'. When you cancel an account you lose the money you have accumulated in it, as well as referral network if you did.

Who are my referrals?

Many of our users promote their account through a web page, in which you do not know who can access. This method is accepted. But this implies that a person may have unknown eferees. The need to preserve the privacy of our users tell us from the names and/or emails from your referrals. However, at all times be able to know the total number of referrals you have. To do this, access the customer area, under 'My Earnings'.

What is my 'id' to get referrals?

So that the people who you refer to us are considered referees of yours, not need to specify any 'id' or 'member code'; just simply send them the link in the user area, which includes your personal code. Our system will identify you as a reference, and take reasonable steps for the record like yours in ClickXti referral, and earn money for the people who are registered following your link. This will prevent transcription errors in your code.

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